20s Scavenger Hunt

Posted by on Jun 13, 2009

The 20s class had a scavenger hunt followed by a party @ Steve & Kathy’s.  We got the scavenger hunt idea from timschmoyer.com and added to it a little bit.  Here were the items we had to get a photo of:

1. Everyone in your group sitting in one chair together at the house of someone from your group – 200 pts.
2. Someone in your group juggling two or three balls while at least 5 strangers watch and applaud – 250 pts.
3. Your group with an outdoor sculpture – 150 pts.
4. Everyone in your group laying on the ground, spelling out a word with your bodies – 200 pts.
5. A group photo with one member from your group dressed in very formal attire – 350 pts.
6. Something that begins with the letter Z. (No made-up words) – 300 pts.
7. Someone from your group on a motorcycle ride – 350 pts.
8. Your group posing a scene from a Disney movie in the middle of the mall – 400 pts.
9. Your group doing exactly what a sign says. (Your group may not create the sign.) – 200 pts.
10. Fit your entire group under a picnic table – 400 pts.
11. Group picture with someone in a uniform – 300 pts.
12. Create a work of art with sidewalk chalk in a public parking lot – 500 pts.
13. Picture of someone from your group wearing a blue Walmart vest, greeting people and handing out yellow smiley face stickers to strangers – 500 pts.
14. Someone from your group pumping gas for a stranger – 250 pts.
15. Your group with someone 85 years or older who is holding their ID with birth date – 400 pts.
16. Your entire team simultaneously drinking from the same soda can with straws – 250 pts.
17. Your entire team being chased by another team – 150 pts.
18. Your entire team in the dark with each person shining a flashlight on their face – 400 pts.
19. Your entire team in a boat – 250 pts.
20. Two people from your team helping a stranger fold clothes at a laundry mat – 400 pts.
21. Two members of your team bagging groceries for strangers at someplace other than Walmart – 350 pts.
22. Your entire team giving a group hug to a store employee – 350 pts.

23. A photo of your team with a preacher or deacon – 400 points
24. someone from your team juming in water – 400 points
25. someone from your team wearing a wig and walking through a store. – 250 points

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them.  We are definitely going to do this again!

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