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About Us

Valley Forge Free Will Baptist Church is located in the mountains of East Tennessee near Elizabethton. The Church was established in 1930 and is affiliated with the National Association of Free Will Baptists in Nashville, Tennessee. More information about our church history can be found here.

The mission of our youth program is as follows:


IMPACT’S PURPOSE is to reach out to youth, help them team up with other Christians, build their faith in Jesus Christ, and live a life of worship and service to God.


• WORSHIP – genuine, spirit-filled, heartfelt, and centered on Jesus Christ!

• EVANGELISM – take the good news to those outside of Church by reaching out and fulfilling the “great commission”.

• FELLOWSHIP – Get together as much as we can and develop a Biblical unity, closeness, lasting friendships, and a “family” atmosphere.

• DISCIPLESHIP – Grow and learn more about Jesus so we can build our faith and experience the abundant life Jesus offers.

• MINISTRY – Serve and minister to others giving our time, talents, & treasures to do what Jesus would do.


Our youth program is built around three key ideas: Know, Grow, and Go. To continue to step 1: Know, click here